Back in January I had a conversation with the Organic Mechanic at the La Cigale markets over green smoothies pondering a potential colab between the guys and Ceres Organics (my main gig is digital marketer at Ceres). They came back to me with smoothies in schools, two social enterprises giving back to the community, a green smoothie revolution of sorts and I loved it.

A day before the event the guys asked me if I knew a photographer, as they had no one to capture the moments throughout the day. This was a serious issue, if there were no photos and no Facebook album could be made, did it even happen?

Smoothies in schools was made possible by the generosity of the Organic Mechanic, Ceres Organics, Keith’s Wheat Grass and Innocent Packaging. Having worked with Reach Solutions previously, I knew they’d be keen to lend me a photographer for the day. When I told them about Smoothies in Schools, their decision to get involved was an easy one.

Over 4 hours, 400 hundred smoothies were made, children were nourished and hundreds of photos were taken so that Facebook album could be made. The final edits were used by the Organic Mechanic on their blog, and social media sites, by me for Ceres Organics across their social sites and you can view some of them here. Reach Solutions received payment in green smoothies.